Friday, June 18, 2010

Stamp A Memory Challenge

I have just started scrapbooking again and thought I needed some inspiration so I went and checked out Stamp A Memory which I came across one day while blog surfing!!

I saw they were having a challenge and I had an idea immediately.

The challenge details were:

Challenge #11 is to create an OFF THE PAGE item.

Create a scrapbooking piece which included a photo and isn't your usual flat layout. The more 3 dimensional the better.

I have been wanting to make the girls a mobile for a while and I saw one (I'm sure it was an American Demo publication but will have a search tomorrow to check - I was right it was June 2009 Stampin Success Demo only publication but the butterflies were different and there weren't nearly as many, lol).  The girls love looking at photos of themselves and I just had to use my butterfly punch as butterflies are very special to me (they were very significant in the time after our first born was stillborn and we released them at her funeral and well there is a long story I might tell another day but you should check out the fundraiser I am helping to organise for SIDS and Kids here).

Sorry didn't mean to digress but it's very late for me but there was a deadline on the challenge and I knew if I didn't get it finished by the deadline that it would remain a really great idea in my head.  So with only a few minutes to spare here is my entry.

So sorry about the terrible photos but it is the middle of the night!!!  I will get better pictures tomorrow.  No time to get new photos but have edited and updated the others.  I don't know if you can see but some of the pictures have journalling on the back and some are just double sided photos.  This was super easy to make and I love it.....what do you think????


  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous Erin!!

  2. Its a beautiful project Erin, love the butterflies and the girls photos.

  3. Wow that looks beautiful! (My daughter wants one for her room now!) Thanks for taking part in the StampAMemory challenge.

  4. Beautiful! Such fab colours together as well.

  5. Gorgeous Erin! I'm having a go at one of these too and finding it quite a challenge to get the filament tied so that it's all level! It will be made with love and a little colourful language!!