Friday, July 2, 2010

I Still Can't Believe they have Chickens and Rabbits at Taronga Zoo!!

StampAmemory's  Challenge #12 is to create a layout about your family pet or your favourite animal.  I'm still so excited about winning the last challenge that I am all inspired to keep scrappin!!  So with only a few minutes left (yet again) here is my interpretation:

Do you like my punch art?  The chicken was inspired by Heather Summers and the rabbit by Amy Celona but I discovered you need just about every punch to do any kind of punch art, lol, so I made quite a few changes including adding feet to my chicken (aren't they cute).

My favourite thing about this page is the memories it brings me, the girls excitement about going to the zoo, their insistance that they wanted to see chickens and rabbits, my insistance that they wouldn't be at the zoo, their (and my) suprise when the very first animals we saw were chickens and the joy at being able to hold and pat a gorgeous bunny rabbit.  And I guess that is what scrappin is all about....memories.

PS Sorry about the quality of the photos but it is nearly midnight after all :)


  1. The filmstrip looks great! And thankyou for teaching me something new as well, I had no idea the zoo had chickens and rabbits!!!

  2. This is so cute - I love that bunny - thanks for taking part Erin

  3. looks great, love the film strip, will have to give it a go and the punch art animals are too cute.