Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Cards with Photos

My friend Fiona always gives photos of the children to her family at Christmas time so she asked me to design some Christmas cards using photos - here is what I came up with.  The photos aren't that great (don't know what I was expecting - it was after preschool one day, it was so bright and sunny, I think I only had one chance at each photo!! but they are my babies and they are cute nevertheless).


  1. I think they're cute .. love the filmstrip!!

  2. Congratulations! I just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Yahoo Group Late Night Stamper’s blog finds of the day for Nov. 21. Want to receive your own copy of the blog finds of the day? Join us at

  3. Erin, I love your photos, they are fun and this is a great idea for christmas photos. Especially the film strip version.